I am grateful for the opportunity to care for you and your family. It is the most rewarding part of my job. Patients’ successes motivate me to be better every day. I invite you to read the quotes below so that you can experience patient’s stories in their own words. To share your own gratitude, simply click here. I look forward to hearing from you.

We are so lucky to have a Naturopathic Oncologist, Dr Neubauer, in Bend. She has helped me go through treatment for breast cancer and return to thriving health. Dr Neubauer helped me put together a treatment plan using both western medicine and naturopathic medicine. She works well with our local western medicine oncologists. I feel that I could not have been supported better. Cancer is HARD. I needed both my oncologists. Katherine allowed me to have holistic health so that I feel my body has healed but so has my spirit. I am continually impressed that when I speak with Dr. Neubauer about various treatment options that people ask me about she can tell me about the practice and why or why not to go that route. She also knows who is researching that treatment option and whether or not it is ready for the public. Lastly in my after care she has given me clear and practical advice that has met my needs and eased my fears about the cancer returning. I cannot recommend her highly enough. So grateful she choses to practice in Bend!. Sincerely, K.M. 

I would give Cascade Cancer Care a 5/5 star rating.  I find Dr. Katherine Neubauer extremely informed.  If she is uncertain to the answer of a question, she looks it up immediately and/or consults her team of naturopathic oncologists across the country.  Her bedside manner is professional and caring.  I can only imagine that working with cancer patients, there could be a lot of emotion.  She handles these emotions with caring consideration and support.  I have already referred a number of friends and acquaintances to Dr. Neubauer and I will continue to do so. — J.R.
After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, my prescribed treatment included chemotherapy (after surgery). At my initial chemo consultation, I told my oncologist I would like to have nutritional counseling, in addition to receiving conventional medical treatments. He told me there was a naturopathic oncologist who came to the clinic and worked alongside the oncologists in treating patients. He gave me a referral and I met up with Dr. Neubauer. I am so glad I did! Dr. Neubauer was exactly what I needed to complete my medical “team”. She recommended supplements to not only support my immune system, but to also minimize chemo side effects while I was going through treatments. She suggested beneficial dietary changes, as well as lifestyle improvements. Everyone was extremely pleased at how well I tolerated the chemotherapy! I appreciate all of my medical team, and I especially am grateful for Dr. Neubauer’s support. I found her to be compassionate, kind, and very knowledgeable in her area of expertise.She treats me with respect and is always ready to listen. I appreciate the fact she treats “the whole person”, and not just the disease. We are now working on the post-treatment phase of my journey, and I plan on continuing to learn from her how to optimize my health and prevent the cancer from recurring. I am so thankful we have Dr. Neubauer in our area…I heartily recommend anyone facing cancer treatments to utilize her services. She is a blessing! — C.P. 
 My wife and I are both dealing with cancer.  Over the past two months we used natural treatments from a Naturopathic Doctor in Washington State.  Since we live in Bend, we wanted to find a good ND here.  Several weeks ago to our surprise, we found Dr. Katherine Neubauer, who’s not only an ND, but also has a specialty in oncology — our need.  And she coordinates treatment with our medical oncologists at St. Charles Cancer Center, a plus for us.  We appreciate the thorough way Dr. Neubauer deals with each of our unique situations, and we are presently gaining the benefit of her knowledge.  Thanks for choosing Bend for your practice, Dr. Neubauer! — D.G.  
 Cancer can be such a scary diagnosis and many doctors do not realize that every single word they say is going to either give hope or greater fear.  Cancer does not have to be so scary.  With compassion and awareness from the treating physicians the process can be viewed with a much “lighter” atmosphere.  Dr. Neubauer has this ability – you can understand the diagnosis but walk out of her office feeling like you are on your way to healing instead of walking away in despair. — D.P. 
Once Doctors are done with treatment you are set free….with this comes both elation and fear.  While you’re in treatment you are “doing something” to rid your body of cancer, then, all of a sudden, you are doing nothing – or it can feel that way.  Having Dr. Neubauer here in Central Oregon is such a blessing.  Her credentials combined with her calm presence and willingness to listen have made me feel that even though my treatments are over, my healing continues on a concrete path instead of just guessing. — K.S.
Recently diagnosed with testicular cancer, I had many questions regarding my options in terms of treatment and what Dr. Neubauer could offer me as an integrative specialist. Of all the medical professionals I’ve interacted with regarding the testicular cancer, she was by far the most kind, supportive, and helpful. She listened well and was able to give me concrete answers and advice. I was impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, and kindness.”  — V.S.

“In December, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Within one minute, my life changed completely.  I was scared, overwhelmed and crushed as I contemplated a rush of new information along with major surgery.  A series of steps led me to Dr. Neubauer.  I felt confident from my first consultation with her.  I had studied herbs, acupuncture, and yoga — yet suddenly the only offered medical treatment for my advanced stage cancer was chemotherapy.  Dr. Neubauer explained every step of the treatment process to me.  She was uncompromisingly thorough with my care, and supported integrative therapies like fasting, acupuncture, supplements, mistletoe, CBD oil and dietary programs from juicing to ketogenic.  I have so little control in my cancer, yet with Dr. Neubauer’s help, I can make the best choices. Along with her medical expertise, she has a gift of warmth and compassion.  I have been grateful to have Dr. Neubauer in the ring fighting cancer with me.” – -F.S

“Dr. Katherine Neubauer has been my “go-to” naturopathic oncology consultant for the past three years. I honestly don’t know how I would have handled some of my cases without her, as each cancer type is different, and the interaction potentials of natural medicines with chemotherapies and radiation is pretty complex. I’ve found her expertise invaluable, her attention beyond comprehensive and her responses incredibly prompt. It’s reassuring to both me and my patients to know that when I need more expertise, Dr. Neubauer is right there. ” — Lorilee Schoenbeck, N.D., South Burlington, Vermont
“Although I do not have the advanced training necessary to manage patients dealing with a cancer diagnosis alone, I am confident in my ability to co-manage with the help of Dr. Neubauer. The team approach to patient care is a win-win situation for both myself and my patients. Thanks to Dr. Neubauer, I can feel confident that my patients will get the best integrative oncology approaches available.” — Tara Hickman, N.D.,  Fayetteville, Arkansas

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