Prevent Cancer Recurrence and Restore Health

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Preventing Cancer Recurrence

“I’ve completed treatment. Now they do scans, and wait for the cancer to come back. What more can I do, so that I can stay healthy and get back to my life?”

I hear this question all the time. You can do many things to harness your body’s ability to restore health.

The body powerfully regulates cancer cell growth. Your daily choices about food, exercise, stress, and taking supplements can make a big difference in your ability to eliminate cancer cells. I will show you how.

Preventing Recurrence, Extending Remission

In several studies, integrative cancer therapies significantly prevented cancer recurrence and extended survival. [1], [2]

Personalized laboratory markers can identify how well the body is able to regulate cancer cell growth. Key systems include inflammation, immune function, insulin sensitivity, hormonal balance, digestion, and detoxification.

Imbalances that lab tests detect can be corrected with natural therapies, creating an optimal environment in the body to fight cancer and restore good health.

Integrative oncology care gives you back control over your health and your life, bringing peace of mind.

Restoring Health

“I survived treatment, but don’t feel back to normal yet. How can I restore my health?”

Conventional therapies have both short and long term side effects. In addition, the cancer itself weakens the patient’s immunity and other systems.

Natural therapies can help to restore health, so that you can focus on enjoying life.

I will help you by setting up a personalized regimen that uses natural approaches to help your body recover  from these side effects.

Our goals are detoxification of chemotherapy, rebuilding of the digestive tract, and restoration of organs damaged by conventional therapies.