Office service hours are generally Monday through Friday 9-5. Our voicemail greeting will discuss any temporary changes to these hours. From June 1-23, we will be open 9-12 only on Fridays.

Dr Neubauer serves patients via telemedicine. Click here to access our virtual visit system. Video consults are billable with most insurance plans for patients who will be in Oregon at the time of the visit. Ask our staff for details. We welcome many commercial insurance plans and some Medicare Advantage plans. We are not contracted with Medicare, Medicare supplementals, OHP, VA, or Tricare.

Cascade Cancer Care staff can assist you in the office and by phone or email. Current patients can use our Patient Passport portal to securely communicate with us and access healthcare records. We can fill orders in office, by mail, or with our convenient FullScript online dispensary. Due to recent supply chain issues, we recommend purchasing items by phone before picking them up at the office. Our medical assistants are available for in-office appointments for injections or physical medicine services.

Tel: 541-323-3833
Fax: 541-797-7740

403 NE Franklin Ave, Bend, OR, 97701