Personalized Cancer Treatment

Tender CareYou can take charge! Evidence-based natural cancer therapies can dramatically increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment by changing the environment that the cancer lives in. New research is finding that these “host factors” are as powerful as chemotherapy or radiation, and that lifestyle choices make a big impact on cancer survival. Depending on your situation, I may select and support you with interventions that include injection and herbal therapies that target a tumor‘s self-destruct mechanisms, foods that fight cancer, smoking cessation, stress reduction, exercise, weight loss, vitamins, minerals, or hormones.
Choosing the most helpful integrative approaches
When you work with me, you’ll see the unique benefits of my comprehensive knowledge and experience in conventional and integrative approaches. I will work closely with you and your cancer care team so that you are prepared to choose the most beneficial integrative approaches.Conventional and natural therapies work powerfully when used together.Natural therapies aid the effectiveness of chemotherapy by increasing a tumor cell’s utilization of the chemotherapy, increasing the likelihood that the tumor cell will die from the chemotherapy.Natural therapies also target cancer processes that chemotherapy and radiation do not address. For example, stem cells (believed to be the origin of cancer recurrence) are not destroyed by chemotherapy or radiation, but are killed by some natural therapies. Natural therapies can also decrease the risk of tumor cells becoming resistant to chemotherapy drugs.

More effective care, improved quality of life

Even more significantly, natural cancer care can help you stay healthier and reduce much of the suffering associated with cancer treatment.  With fewer side effects from chemotherapy or radiation, you have the ability to receive the full doses of treatment, which significantly increases effectiveness. Natural therapies can also speed healing after surgery and reduce the risk of infection or other complications.

After you’ve completed cancer treatment, I can help you to detoxify the medications, restore health, and prevent cancer recurrence and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Personalized medicine

Using individualized lab tests, I can pinpoint your cancer’s weak points. These targets include signals that a tumor uses to grow, nourish itself, make new blood vessels, and spread.  Then, I can prescribe innovative natural therapies to address your cancer’s weaknesses.