Integrative Second Opinion

Couple consulting with doctorNewly diagnosed? Beginning treatment? Confused and overwhelmed?

I am dedicated to providing expert and personalized assessments, guidance, and options to help you make the choices that are right for you.

My oncology board certification and hospital training enable me to use the best cutting edge science and natural therapies to  provide you with the most comprehensive cancer care available.

The first step is gaining an understanding of your diagnosis.

Terminology and procedures can often be perplexing. I want you to fully understand your diagnosis, and I will clearly explain the data and results from all your scans and biopsies.

Most effective treatment options — for you!

After we’ve clarified the treatment options offered by your oncologist, I’ll work with you select the treatments that can be beneficial to you.

As a naturopathic physician,  I will then expertly guide you to the most effective natural therapies to support your conventional treatment program.

My goal is to support you with care and information that empowers you and offers the most complete approach to treatment and your quality of life.