Insurance and Payment


Do You Take My Insurance?

We are contracted with:

Individual policies vary. Contact your insurer to confirm your policy benefits and contracted providers.

Copays are due at the time of service. A fee deposit may be due at the time of service if you have a non-contracted plan, an out-of-state plan, Medicare secondary, or an unmet deductible. Please ask our staff for details.

We are not able to bill Medicare, OHP/Medicaid, Tricare, Kaiser, or Veteran’s Administration (VA) plans. We regret that we are currently not able to bill Cigna for telehealth services due to American Specialty Health’s non-compliance with state and federal telehealth coverage mandates during the COVID public health emergency. However, we do offer a prompt payment discount.

What Services Does Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance plans and FSA/HSA accounts generally cover consult fees, diagnostic lab tests and imaging, and prescriptions. Commercial insurers vary in their coverage of compounded prescriptions. HSA or FSA accounts also cover nutritional testing, supplements, and functional medicine lab tests. Medicare, Tricare, and VA do not cover diagnostic tests and prescriptions ordered by a naturopathic physician. However, we can provide a courtesy request to your oncologist or primary care physician to order these services. For many lab tests, we can also offer access to significantly discounted cash-pay lab services.

I’m Paying Cash. What Do Your Services Cost?

Visits are billed based on the medical complexity and time involved. We use the same coding system that your family doctor uses. Patients who pay at the time of service receive our discounted prompt payment bonus rate. With the prompt payment bonus, new patient visits are usually $240-$305 and return consults are typically $150-$215. Medical procedures, extended visits, and supplements are available at additional cost.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept major credit cards, HSA and FSA credit cards, cash, and local check.