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Ask the Doctor: Soy And Breast Cancer

Posted on Oct 4, 2014 in My Cancer Type

Q:  I’m a 3 year survivor of estrogen sensitive breast cancer. I read conflicting news about soy. Should I eat soy or avoid it? A: When we review all the large nutritional studies together, the conclusion is clear. Soy does not increase the risk of recurrence for any type of breast cancer. Breast cancer survivors do not need to avoid soy. For an excellent review of the science, read this article by naturopathic oncologist Dr. Tina Kaczor.  So, the choice of whether or not to eat soy is up to you. If you do eat soy, choose organic to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Click...

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Why Less Breast Cancer in Asia?

Posted on Jun 12, 2013 in My Cancer Type

Nutrition Facts – Why Less Breast Cancer in Asia? – By  Michael Greger M.D. Though breast cancer is the most common cancer among women around the world, the rate in some areas of the world, such as Asia, is up to six-fold lower than in North America. Maybe it’s the green tea and soy? As I show in my 3-min. video Why Do Asian Women Have Less Breast Cancer?, if anything, green tea may only drop risk by about a third. Soy works better, but only, it appears, if you start young. Soy intake throughout the lifecycle is associated with decreased breast cancer risk, but the...

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Ask the Doctor: What is Triple Negative Breast Cancer? How is it Treated?

Posted on Apr 10, 2013 in Research

Q: What is triple negative breast cancer? How is it treated? A: A triple negative breast cancer is not responsive to therapies targeted at estrogen, progesterone, or the cell growth marker Her-2-neu. The cancer type arises from basal cells that form the basal lining of breast cells. This type of breast cancer tends to have a higher risk of recurrence, when compared to triple positive breast cancer. Triple negative breast cancer is treated conventionally with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Common chemotherapy drugs include Adriamycin, Cytoxan, Taxotere, or Taxol. Hormone-targeted...

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Ask the Doctor: Soy and Breast Cancer

Posted on Mar 25, 2013 in Research

Q: As a breast cancer survivor, should I eat or avoid soy?  — Amanda in Bartlesville A: New research indicates that soy foods decrease the risk of breast cancer recurrence. Naturopathic oncologist Dr Tina Kaczor states: “As the following studies show, evidence suggests there is no increased risk of recurrence for any subpopulations of breast cancer survivors (eg, pre- or postmenopausal, estrogen receptor positive or negative, those on or off hormonal treatments). Further, soy consumption lessened risk of all-cause mortality with increasing levels of consumption.”...

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