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Test Predicts Risk of Recurrence In Bladder and Colorectal Cancer

Posted on May 28, 2013 in Research

You’re newly diagnosed with bladder or colorectal cancer. Surgery is planned, but the doctors aren’t sure how comprehensive the radiation or chemotherapy plan should be. Some people with early stage bladder or colorectal cancer are cured by surgery. However, others have a more aggressive type of cancer, and are likely to get a cancer recurrence. A new test can help doctors determine the risk of cancer recurrence in bladder and colorectal cancer. The test detects a protein, PODXL, that is associated with early cancer recurrence. The researchers state: “The study involved...

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This Plant May Prevent Melanoma

Posted on May 21, 2013 in Research

Star Tribune ( – Can Thistle Plant Help Prevent Melanoma? – By Colleen Stoxen -(Monday, May 20, 2013) “Researchers at the Hormel Institute in Austin, Minn., say they have discovered an element in milk thistle that can slow the growth of melanoma – a common, often deadly form of skin cancer. The milk thistle plant contains a natural anti-cancer agent called silybin, also known as silibrinin, which has long been used for preventing allergies and repairing liver damage. Previous studies have shown that silybin can help prevent various cancers, including...

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The Snack That Reduces Bladder Cancer Risk

Posted on Mar 31, 2013 in Research

Intake of the mineral selenium may decrease bladder cancer risk. For a tasty selenium-rich snack, try 2 brazil nuts a day.

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