European Mistletoe: Season’s Greetings and Healings to You!

Posted on Oct 4, 2014 in Research


Mistletoe is more than Christmas and kisses. The purified extract is a powerful immune boosting therapy used by 60% of German cancer patients.

Clinical trials show that mistletoe:

Mistletoe is an immune therapy. It helps immune cells to recognize and destroy tumor cells, increases immune cell signaling, and activates tumor-killing cells. As cancer progresses, cancer cells mask themselves from the immune system by hiding their cell markers. Mistletoe reverses this progress, exposing cancer cells to the immune system.

Mistletoe is dosed as an at-home skin injection 3 times weekly. You’ll need to have a caregiver’s help with the injections, or be comfortable with injecting yourself. The needles are small, like a TB or insulin shot. Mistletoe is best dosed long-term, for months to years. While injections can be a hassle, the benefits are worth it. Many patients also experience increased energy and a sense of well being while taking mistletoe.

Mistletoe is powerful and specific medicine. You need the right plant extract and potency, increased gradually. Work with a trained naturopathic physician if you want to try mistletoe.