Staying Calm Amid Chaos

Posted on Nov 25, 2013 in Research

Staying Calm Amid Chaos

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.”

 — Marcus Aurelius

It is only by keeping calm that success comes in life. As a businessperson, mom, student, or a loved one to someone you can likely relate to this sentiment. But during the holiday season, it can be especially challenging to retain a steady and grounded vibe when everyone around you is racing around stressed out!

Here are some ways you can use mind and body techniques to create a calming safe haven in your life—no matter what the world throws at you.


To help you get out of a tight situation, clean, the best approach includes slowing down. Imagine a hectic day at the office right before the holidays. What do you have on your mind? It’s likely a long list of “to-dos” including grocery shopping, buying last-minute presents for loved ones, doing laundry, cooking, and writing holiday cards! How can you keep calm and get ALL of these things done? Here are some tactics:

  • Plan ahead all the possibilities of a situation. In short, keep a plan B if a plan A does not work.
  • Narrow your options by slowing down and deciding what you want most and concentrate on the task at hand. Is the laundry more important than shopping for your children’s presents or is the office assignment more important than cooking dinner at home? Make a decision and move forward.
  • Accept your shortcomings without judgment. Nobody is perfect and we all slip on things we plan to do. The more you can let these small things go, the lighter you will feel.
  • Practice mind-body centering exercises like yoga, relaxing massages, or by simply talking to a friend who is a good listener and who understands where you are coming from. Research has proven that people who meditate for at least 10 minutes daily stay calmer and happier.

Allow your mind the mental relaxation it deserves by keeping your life focused and approachable. Keep in mind the words of Larry Eisenberg, who said, “For peace of mind, we need to resign as general manager of the universe.”


Try doing relaxing breathing exercises. These work as a natural anti-depressant. A common practice is to inhale air through the nose deeply but quietly, hold your breath to a count of 5 and exhale making a whoosh sound. Repeat this process 15 times every day. This will reenergize your mind by releasing physical as well as mental tension.

Robust fitness exercises also helps you maintain calm and are the best preventive measure for anxiety. A half an hour brisk walk outside or 15 minutes jog on a treadmill helps excrete happy hormones like testosterone, thyroxine, and adrenaline that control mood swings and reduce anxiety.

Live your life to its fullest by following the above mental and physical exercises. Spend time in nature and find a fitness center near your office or home. Take out time for things that you love to do even if it means reading one page of a book a day. Finally, remember to lighten up! It’s never as bad as you may think. Life is full of never-ending challenges—better to face them with a smile rather than a frown!



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