Ask the Doctor: Thriving Through Chemotherapy

Posted on Mar 25, 2013 in Research

Q: My wife is starting chemotherapy for breast cancer next month. What can we do to help her stay healthier during treatment? Is there anything we can do to help the chemotherapy work better? — Ron in Jenks, Oklahoma


Eating well, exercising, and taking nutritional supplements are keys to thriving through chemotherapy. For breast cancer survivors, exercising 30 minutes daily reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer by 50%. A diet rich in plants and whole, unprocessed foods can help your wife to fight cancer more effectively. Ground flax seed is especially beneficial. 3 TBS of ground flax daily is enough to improve breast cancer survival by 71% in postmenopausal women, and flax is particularly effective for hormone receptor negative breast cancer. Targeted nutritional supplements can target chemotherapy to tumor cells, while protecting healthy cells. A naturopathic oncologist can tailor your wife’s supplement program to the specific characteristics of her tumor subtype, chemotherapy program, and her health care needs.

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